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The Sky is Falling

BAP! BONK! BONK! Ah, yes, the lovely sound of acorns falling from the oak trees and landing on our metal roof. ALL. DAY. LONG and ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Chicken Little would be overwhelmed with the bumper crop of acorns we have this season. Acorns are to goats and deer like a cold beer on a hot day is to me. Dixie, Goose and Joe (bottle babies from last winter's kid crop) beg for a handful of acorns from the house yard when they see me working outside. Sam and I took a three-hour-tour of hte ranch last weekend and noitced corn being left under some of the feeders due to the abundance of acorns. At least the acorns fall quietly in the pasture. Hang in there, Chicken Little! WOP! BONK-BONK-BONK! BLAM!

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