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The Sky is Falling

BAP! BONK! BONK! Ah, yes, the lovely sound of acorns falling from the oak trees and landing on our metal roof. ALL. DAY. LONG and ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Chicken Little would be overwhelmed with the bumper crop of acorns we have this season. Acorns are to goats and deer like a cold beer on a hot day is to me. Dixie, Goose and Joe (bottle babies from last winter's kid crop) beg for a handful of acorns from the house yard when they see me working outside.

Manna from Heaven

In the past several months, we have watched rain clouds gather to the east, west, south and north of the ranch. We could smell the rain, see the lightening and hear the thunder. Neighbors were reporting various amounts of rainfall. No measurable rain was falling in our gauges. I tried to backorder rain from our local feed store but was told to stand in line. Windshield wipers were replaced due to caliche dust ragging out the blades. And then it happened. We were blessed with an average of 2.70" of rain September 13-16, 2012!!


When I was asked to contribute towards Chalk Creek Exotic's website by writing a blog, I was a little unsure as to how my limited knowledge of exotic animals was going to be a positive reflection of our operation. Shannon (oldest daughter and the brains behind launching CCE via Facebook and the world wide web) assures me that our followers will be interested in all aspects of our hunting operation as well as our ranching operation. Check in from time and time and read about our country living!

Website Launch

Hello everybody!

We finally decided to join the age of technology and launch a website. Check it out, let us know what you think. And get at us to book a hunt!


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