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Welcome to Jetton Ranch, home of Chalk Creek Exotics, offering exciting wildlife and hunting experiences for our patrons. You will enjoy an outdoor adventure on a working Texas livestock ranch featuring an abundance of native and introduced exotic game species. Jetton Ranch is a large ranch with hospitality to match its size. Come see us and make friends and memories you will cherish for a lifetime.

Terry Jetton

Chalk Creek Exotics is located on the Jetton Ranch south of Junction in the heart of the scenic Texas Hill Country. The Jetton Ranch was founded by Terry Hampus Jetton with his wife, Loma McCollum Jetton, in the early 1920’s. Terry ranched sheep, cattle, and angora goats from the old Jetton home place on the South Llano for several years before moving his family to the ranch to stay in 1928. At the time there were no paved roads so trips to Junction were rare. The Jetton children began their education on the ranch with a live-in teacher from Junction. Though paved roads and caliche county roads have taken the place of pasture roads, the ranch is still remote with the headquarters seven miles from the nearest highway.

Chalk Creek Exotics

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Chalk Creek Exotics

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